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How to find reputable roofers after hurricanes and tropical storms

Shortly after hurricanes and tropical storms make landfall in Florida, reputable roofers activate their emergency response teams and spring into action. Emergency roof repairs, much like restoring electricity and cellular service, are critical to the region’s post-storm recovery.

Florida roofs take a beating under normal weather conditions, and thankfully, the state boasts numerous reputable roofers. Unfortunately, there are roofing contractors – some licensed, some not – who will take advantage of the situation as homeowners, business owners and property managers struggle to find someone… anyone… to fix their roof.

Lloyd Roofing is one of those reputable roofers. The company offers 24-hour emergency services because a speedy response is critical and can save thousands of dollars in water damage. A roof is an investment that protects valuables, loved ones and property.

Finding Reputable Roofers (and Avoiding Scammers)

Connecting with reputable roofers after a hurricane or tropical storm can be difficult. That’s because reputable roofers are in high demand during regular times, let alone in post-storm recovery.

To avoid scammers after a storm, follow these five Ls to ensure you are considering only reputable roofers:


The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation maintains a searchable statewide database at Only use companies with a Registered Roofing Contractor or Certified General Contractor license.

Lloyd Roofing maintains multiple certifications, including:

  • Certified Roofing Contractor
  • Certified Residential Contractor
  • Certified General Contractor
  • Certified Air Conditioning Contractor


After a hurricane, roofing contractors will descend upon the hardest-hit areas, similar to power companies sending convoys of trucks to storm-damaged regions. Licensed Florida roofing contractors can work anywhere within the Sunshine State, but be cautious of companies without a permanent presence in the area. If you experience a leak because of faulty materials or poor workmanship, they won’t be around to answer your questions or fix the problem.

Lloyd Roofing serves commercial and residential customers in three regions of Florida:


Established companies have work vehicles, brochures and folders featuring the company logo. That’s generally the sign of a successful business, not just in roofing, but across many industries. Look for employees in logoed T-shirts or polo-style shirts.

Roofers employed by Lloyd Roofing are easy to spot:

  • Bright fluorescent yellow shirts
  • Company logo on the front and back of their shirts
  • Safety equipment (harnesses, hard hats)


Contractors will walk door-to-door after a storm, so don’t be alarmed if the doorbell rings. Most will be helpful, but be wary of high-pressure sales tactics like telling a property owner they must sign a contract immediately or that they will file insurance claims on your behalf.

Lloyd Roofing will never use high-pressure sales tactics. The company promotes three core values:

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Reliable professionalism
  • Responsive, customer-focused service

Lessons learned

Word of mouth is a great referral source for contractors. Ask neighbors, colleagues and friends for recommendations. Online reviews also offer unfiltered feedback, with Google and Facebook reviews among the top platforms to read insight from actual customers. Even the best companies have a hiccup now and then, and the Better Business Bureau posts correspondence showing how businesses respond to complaints.

See Lloyd Roofing’s reviews:

Your Next Step

Water dripping or gushing inside a home or business creates a sense of desperation. Predatory companies sense this. Following the five Ls will help you avoid scammers and subpar contractors on your next roofing project.

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