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How to expidite an emergency roof repair hero

How to expedite an emergency roof repair

Drip. Drip. Drip. That sound indicates that you need an emergency roof repair.

It’s a sound no property owner, property manager or homeowner wants to hear. That sound sparks fear about the unknown and often confirms what they suspected – a roof leak.

Oftentimes, the roof was compromised days, weeks or even months before the dripping started. It just took that long for the water to make its way through multiple layers of roofing materials, insulation and drywall or ceiling panels. Sometimes, rainwater gets hung up on the ceiling, never accumulating enough to soak all the way through the drywall.

And then, the floodgates open. You have an emergency on your hands and need an emergency roof repair.

Unfortunately, Florida rainstorms dump heavy amounts of water in a short period of time. That means your roof isn’t the only roof in town that is leaking. Weather forecasters at the National Hurricane Center note the continued trend for more active hurricane seasons, too.

Lloyd Roofing, like many roofing contractors in Florida, is inundated with phone calls and emails after a rainstorm. Following a tropical storm or hurricane, hundreds of homeowners and business owners may contact Lloyd Roofing. Customers need an emergency roof repair, and they need it now. Lloyd Roofing provides uncompromising quality, reliable professionalism and responsive customer-focused service.

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Tips: Get an emergency roof repair

How can customers rise to the top of the priority list for an emergency roof repair? These four factors will help expedite an emergency roof repair:

Provide specific details

When placing a call or sending an email to a roofing company, be sure to provide these details:

  • Complete address
  • Type of roof (tile, metal, flat or shingle)
  • Year roof was installed (if known)
  • Area of roof or interior affected
  • Describe how and when you discovered the leak
  • Contact information (telephone number and/or email)

The last point is critical. Cell phones offer the quickest way to communicate via voice or text. Time is of the essence when an emergency roof repair is needed.

Provide photos if possible

Photographs documenting interior leaks, especially attic spaces, help show problem areas. Unless there is a gaping hole in the roof visible from the street, exterior photos are not as helpful as interior photos. Lloyd Roofing typically diagnoses leaks through the attic, and then draws upon years of experience to correlate to roof damage. Possible areas of concern include a pipe boot, vent, valley, flashing and other areas.

Be flexible

Lloyd Roofing understands that your roof emergency is our roof emergency. Our team responds to customers as soon as possible, schedules inspections and estimates as soon as possible, and schedules repairs as soon as possible. If our first available time is 3 p.m. Monday, for example, the next opening might be later in the week. Being available when we’re available ensures a quick response.

Secure a commercial service maintenance contract

Business owners and property managers can secure commercial service maintenance contracts through Lloyd Roofing. These contracts cover regular inspections and basic repairs, and offer discounts on more extensive services. Another benefit is priority status. After a tropical storm or hurricane, or anytime emergency leak repairs are needed, businesses with service maintenance contracts are already in the customer database.

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Lloyd Roofing takes great pride in being responsive. Whether you are a new or returning customer, or whether you need a roof replacement or simple repair, we promise to respond to calls and emails within 24 hours. Oftentimes, it’s within minutes.

When you need an emergency roof repair, time is of the essence.


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